Compliance is our business, your peace of mind

As a business owner, you’re always on the lookout for that next big win. But have you ever considered the potential losses that come with non-compliance? We have.

We specialize in compliance audits and have the expertise and experience to help you navigate the complex regulatory landscape, and avoid costly penalties and damage to your reputation.

Deep Experience

At Saint George Consulting, we’ve been in the compliance game for years. We’ve seen it all – from minor infractions to major mishaps. Our team of professionals has a deep understanding of the regulations and standards that apply to each industry, and have the experience to identify areas of non-compliance and assess the effectiveness of internal controls. We’re not just here to point out your mistakes, we’re here to help you fix them.

Our Approach

Our approach to compliance auditing is thorough and systematic. Think of us as detectives, combing through the evidence to uncover the truth. We use a combination of research, data analysis, and on-site observations to gather information and identify areas of risk.

We then use this information to report on our findings, including any areas of non-compliance and the effectiveness of internal controls. Our goal is to provide clear, actionable, and complete recommendations that will help our clients improve their compliance posture and avoid costly penalties.

Finally, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their compliance systems are up-to-date and effective to help reduce the risk of compliance issues and protect your reputation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business navigate the complex regulatory landscape.

Our Services

Saint George Consulting offers a wide range of compliance audit services, including governmental, financial, operational, IT, and other types of audits. We have experience in a variety of industries, and are well-versed in the regulations and standards that apply to each.


We work as a single united team with clients across the country. No matter the challenge you are facing, contact us to see how Saint George Consulting can help your business.