Welcome. Saint George Consulting, Inc.’s, mission is to provide our clients with best-in-class service through experience, knowledge, quality, integrity, objectivity, and freedom from conflicts of interest. We exercise professional and moral judgment in all engagements and conduct business in a way that honors your trust.
Saint George Consulting, Inc. is named after Saint George and has been immortalized by the tale of Saint George and the Dragon. Saint George is not only one of the most venerated saints, but regarded as a prominent military saint and the patron saint of cavalry.
Proven growthFederal and commercial experience
Drawing on the disciplines of accounting advisory and management consulting in both public and private sector to bring a fresh perspective to complex business issues
Trusted advisorTrusted business advisor
Professionals with independence, business acumen, knowledge, experience and integrity
Client focusClient mission focus
Focus on the client’s mission and integrate processes, people, and technology in order to get the desired results
National reachNational reach
Access to subject matter professionals and a network of accounting firms, management, and information technology companies
Emerging technologyEnabling technology
Help you identify key enabling technologies to enhance your business practices
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