Public Sector Advisory Services


Saint George Consulting, Inc. through teaming arrangements with our partners, provides services under the General Services Administration (GSA) 520, Financial and Business Solutions (FABS) schedule. 

Federal, State & Local Government Advisory Services


Audit Support Services

Category 520-7  (Financial & Performance Audits)

Category 520-8  (Complementary Audit Services)

Category 520-9  (Recovery Audits)

Category 520-10 (Transportation Audits)

Category 520-13 (Complementary Financial Management Services)


Business Management Support Services

Category 520-16 (Business Information Services)

Category 520-4   (Debt Collection)


Financial Management Support Services

Category 520-22 (Grants Management Support Services)

Category 520-2   (Transaction Specialist)

Category 520-1   (Accounting)

Category 520-13 (Budgeting)

Category 520-15 (Outsourcing Recurring Commercial Activities for Financial Management Services)


Financial Regulatory Support Services

Category 520-17 (Risk Assessment and Mitigation Services)

Category 520-3   (Due Diligence & Support Services)

Category 520-5   (Loan Servicing & Asset Management)


Program & Project Management Support Services

Category 520-1   (Program Financial Advisor)

Category 520-21 (Program Management Services)